Abigail Skirt

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M0447 White
M0447 Khaki
M0447 Green
M0447 Rose Red
M0447 Neon Green
M0447 Orange
M0447 Black
M0746 Yellow
M0746 Rose Red
M0746 Black
M0746 White
M0746 Wine Red
M0746 Green
G1664 Pink
G1664 White
G1664 Black
G1664 Neon Green
G1664 Khaki
G1664 Orange
G1664 Red
G1664 Yellow
Size Guide
Size Guide

As our garments are constructed by different designers and suppliers, we are unable to provide specific measurements for all items.

For reference for each particular product we have noted the size of the model the size she is wearing and whether the item is true to size.

Returns will not be accepted as faulty for irregularities with the sizing guide, as we have made it clear that this is a GUIDE ONLY.


If you need any further advice about sizing & measurements, please feel free to contact us.